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Sharon Tregenza's Books

If you enjoy mystery with a touch of magic, you'll love these stories.
Now available on Get lost in imaginative worlds and engaging stories that are sure to delight young readers!

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'When a hole in the ground opened up and swallowed my mum, my life changed forever...'

His mother is in a coma, so Griffin must stay with the uncle and aunt he hasn't seen in years. His cousin, Cinnamon makes it clear she doesn't want him there. Does her anger have something to do with the fabulous Aztec knife about to go on display in the museum? Is it really cursed? Griffin and Cinnamon must find a way to work together to survive great danger when they are lured down into the secret tunnels beneath their home.

WINNER: The Calderdale Book of the Year

WINNER: Fantastic Book Award

WINNER: East Sussex Children's Book Award

SHORTLISTED: Tir na n-Og Award

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A mystery adventure set in Wales.

Carys and Jago have a dangerous mystery to solve in the sunny seaside town of Carreg. Jago's father disappears and their search to find him starts the friends on a dangerous journey. When their little dog is stolen, things get worse. Old secrets are uncovered as the mystery deepens. Who is the stranger in town and why is he stalking them. Who can they trust. This is a story of old hurts and a terrible revenge. Together, the friends must face the danger waiting for them high on the Welsh cliffs, hiding in the shadow of the Shiver Stone.

SHORTLISTED: Tir na n-Og Award

SHORTLISTED: North Somerset Teachers Award

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A huge storm leaves the village hungry, until Tom braves the waves. Using the world's largest known database of writing for and by children, our experts have defined 300 ambitious words to help children succeed at school. We've combined these with finelly levelled books that help you develop support comprehension and fluency, while inspiring and engaging your young readers.

Publisher: Oxford University Press 
ISBN: 9780198496502


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The mystery of the midnight - Sharon Tregenza

Get ready for the creepiest kids' mystery yet, full of dark secrets, scary situations and courage!

Dylan Parry finds himself high on a narrow ledge, outside, in the middle of the night. His sleepwalking has turned dangerous.

Maybe Dr Sandman of the Midnight Sleep Lab can help. Or will she make things worse. Far worse...

At the old mansion Dylan meets super smart Kezia and football crazy Tomas. They have their own sleep problems.

But it's not long before the kids realise that something very strange is going on!

◉ What is making the eerie howling noise after dark?

◉ And what terrible things happen in the dead of night in the secret        room at the top of the tower?

◉ Dylan never dreamt that his stay at the Midnight Sleep Lab would        turn into his darkest nightmare.

◉ Perfect for 9-13 year olds who love a creepy mystery!

Can they solve the mystery before it's too late? Order your copy now and join Dylan on his quest to solve the chilling mystery of the Midnight - before it's too late!

Publisher:  Independently published 
ISBN: 979-8849761053

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